Frequently Asked Questions


What is CNG?

Compressed natural gas (CNG) (Methane stored at high pressure) can be used in place of gasoline (petrol), Diesel fuel and propane/LPG. Compressed Natural Gas is simply natural gas compressed to a higher PSI (typically 3600 PSI). Natural Gas is also used to heat many homes today.

What is LPG?

Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG or LP gas), also referred to as simply propane or butane, is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles.

Can I run CNG or LPG on my specific vehicle?

Yes! Most combustion motors can be converted to run on CNG or LPG as a fuel.  We stock both premium sequential kits for gasoline vehicles as well as high quality diesel dual fuel conversion kits for diesel motors.  There is currently one type of motor that we cannot convert to CNG and that is a direct injection motor.  Very few motors on the market are direct injection and there is currently no solution on the market for this engine; however our R&D team is working on a solution.  Every other vehicle or engine can be converted!  Does your vehicle use premium unleaded gas? No problem! CNG & LPG have octane ratings that exceed premium unleaded octane rating!

There are many conversion kits on the market, how do I select the right one?

Most of us spend some time in our vehicle and rely on it to take us from point A to point B.  Finding a good conversion kit is not only going with a reputable company it is so much more.  The components that make up the conversion kit must be of high quality.  Low quality parts can cause damage to your engine.  Cheap kits are not the way to go.  The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true in the conversion kit industry.  When a system is developed it must have a strong ECU processor to be able to handle the quick reaction time of your OBD-2 system.  Each part of the conversion system you want to be good quality so it can last as long as your vehicle. Gratec stocks only high quality parts, kits and accessories.  Gratec kits will NOT come with the common 6mm tube that comes in a coil that has a burst pressure less than NFPA-52 standards.

Is CNG/LPG really safer than gasoline?

Of course each system is only as safe as the quality grade of components used and the quality of the installation. Gratec always recommends conversion kits be installed by certified CNG or LPG mechanics. CNG is much safer than gasoline due to the fact it is a vapor.  In the event of a leak or accident the gas will vent off and dissipate into the atmosphere. The air/fuel ratio of CNG is smaller than gasoline which means it takes a perfect air/fuel ratio to ignite.  LPG however is a more dangerous fuel than the alternative CNG.  Gasoline, being a liquid is very dangerous in a car accident and is responsible for many auto fires.

Where can I refuel my CNG or LPG vehicle?

There are many public CNG & LPG station located throughout the USA.  For more information on  the closest public refueling station to you and their cost per gallon please visit  Another option is to talk with us about putting a station on your property.  Or create an account for use at our national stations at a fixed price.  LPG vehicle customers who have propane heating their home or business may also find the propane dispensing unit to be a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

How much will I save by switching to CNG or LPG?

Depending on how many miles you drive per year the cost savings can be great! To determine your savings and related costs, please fill out questionnaire (questionnaire is in word document format).  We will prepare a report for you based on your fleet.

Can installing a CNG or LPG system hurt my vehicle?

As we have previously discussed, when a system is installed properly using good quality components your vehicle will not be hurt.  CNG and LPG will actually clean your motor since they are such clean burning, high octane fuels.  It is very important to purchase from a company with a great service team, technical support team and selling high quality components.  

How does your CNG or LPG system work on my gasoline vehicle?

Our sequential injection CNG or LPG conversion system uses only the latest technology advances to guarantees your vehicle runs on the alternative fuel just like it does on gasoline. Our system is a fully automatic system that will automatically switch to CNG once all engine parameters are sufficient.  Once your alternative fuel tank runs empty our systems will seamlessly switch you back to gasoline and alert you via a beep from the switch. Our systems contain many safety features which continually watch your engine and the operation of the alternative fuel equipment.  In the event a problem is detected the system will immediately switch your vehicle back to gasoline. All our systems are bi-fuel systems which means you will have the option of driving on gasoline supply or the alternative fuel supply.

How does your CNG or LPG dual fuel system work on my diesel engine?

This is our latest addition to our CNG/LPG conversion kits.  We have now engineered a top diesel dual fuel unit that is available on the market today. Diesel engines, because they have no spark plugs, use compression to ignite their fuel. Due to this there must always be some diesel running the engine to cause the ignition which in turn ignites the alternative fuel additive. This is why it is called a dual fuel or fuel blended mixture. Choosing the correct diesel dual fuel kit is a process that cannot be overlooked.  Some “fogger” style diesel kits do not monitor mixture, exhaust temperature or other OEM engine parameters.  This is very dangerous for your engine and can lead to engine failure.  Our fully electronic system monitors necessary OEM sensors, mixtures, exhaust temperature, diesel injection time, TPS, air flow and much more to keep your engine running the best possible mixture (saving money) and running safely at all times. In the event your exhaust temperature rises our dual fuel system will automatically turn the CNG/LPG system off until the temperature falls below the set safe value. Our system again is fully automatic and will switch to and from the alternative fuel all automatically. Finding a good diesel dual fuel kit is a necessity!

Do your conversion systems come with technical support?

Yes! Your local certified factory trained installing mechanic can answer any and all questions relating to our systems.

Does my state offer a tax credit for converting my vehicle to CNG or LPG?

State tax credits will vary from state to state. To have one of our staff members research on if your state offers the state tax credit please call us directly at G Tech Sales  586-803-0101 and we will be glad to research this for you.  

Will I loose torque and horsepower when switch to CNG or LPG?

For Gasoline Engines – To generally answer your question no you will not notice a torque or horsepower loss with ou