G Tech Sales would like to partner with you and help you through the dual fuel or bi-fuel process.

We bring the best time-tested, quality, and warrantied products.

Our installing mechanics are all certified.  We do complete installation at our facility in one week.  When quantities demand, we can teach your crew things that they can do to help reduce costs.  We can also be at your site for final tuning and delivery.

We will also introduce you to Constellation and follow through with quoting a station on your site and showing you a complete pay back time plan.

When needed or desired, The Bancgroup Corp is available to help with financing.


Dual Fuel Diesel Kits

 Gratec's Dual Fuel Diesel Prime system has been recognized across the world as one of the best diesel conversion systems to CNG or LPG on the market. The Gratec Prime system has a proven track record from light duty trucks to the heavy duty truck sector. The Gratec Dual Fuel system is yielding an average diesel substitution rate of 60% with cleaner burning CNG! Fleets across the USA, and the world, are seeing the payback and efficiency of the Gratec Dual Fuel System. 

Bi-Fuel Gasoline Kits

 Gratec Sequential Premium Systems offers a full line of bi-fuel conversion kits for gasoline engines from 2-16 cylinders. Our premium system is recognized across the globe as user friendly, easy to use and able to work with even the most sophisticated engine families. The Gratec Sequential system offers users a way to save money while still getting the power, torque and fuel economy of their vehicle. Our systems can convert your vehicle to CNG or LPG and Gratec offers many add-ons that make the installation process easy. 


 At G Tech Sales we know that fuel savings is a very important part of your decision process. Please contact us at 586-803-0101 whee we can help you with a saving analysis.  Not only do you save money but you also do your part in saving the planet! By switching your vehicle to CNG or LPG you are dramatically decreasing your carbon footprint.