Our sequential system works on most gasoline vehicles on the road today. Our advanced OBD-2/ CAN technology closely monitors the OEM computer parameters to verify your vehicle is running perfectly. 


 Whether you are searching for the correct system for your vehicle or having trouble during installation our technical support is here to help. Our support staff is FREE with the purchase of a system and our advanced staff can aid you throughout your installation. 


 Our advanced software has an advanced auto-calibration system that will perfectly calibrate to your vehicle. Our software has many advanced options that will allow the installer complete control verifying the vehicle runs perfect. 


 With many clients around the world this technology is not only proven here in the USA but around the world. 

key features


  • Sequential Injection – 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 cylinder KITS
  • No “check engine” light
  • User friendly, easy to use software
  • Automatic switchover to LPG/CNG
  • Automatic switchover back to gasoline when empty tank
  • 3 tuning options
      – without map – for beginners
      – 2D variable map (1×16 points) –       for average users
       – 3D variable map (8×16 points) –        for advanced users
  • 2 x rpm input (input 2 variable 0-14 VDC) for better rpm signal measurement
  • Turbo engines supported
  • Lambda (oxygen sensor) supported
  • Advanced injector options – configuration, diagnostics and heating
  • Individual injector calibration
  • Compatible with any type of level sensor


  • Pre-defined and user-defined options
  • Minimum and maximum pressure setting
  • Minimum and maximum rpm + advanced options
  • Minimum and maximum injection time
  • 8 defined temperature sensors
  • 6 defined pressure sensors
  • 7 defined map sensors
  • Automatic mapping
  • Automatic 3D mapping gasoline/LPG-CNG-GPL
  • Automatic 3D mapping OBD-CAN (OBD-CAN version)
  • Reading OBD errors (OBD-CAN version). – Erasing OBD errors (OBD-CAN version)
  • Reading OBD parameters (OBD-CAN version)
  • OBD/OBD II CAN PROTOCOLS (OBD-CAN version): CAN 250k 11 BIT CAN 250k 29 BIT CAN 500k 11 BIT CAN 500k 29 BIT


  • Pressure algorithms for valvetronic engines (no throttle)
  • Service option setting
  • Sequential emulation
  • LPG/CNG and reducer temp. corrections
  • External relay driver (can be use for fuel pump cut)
  • Advanced LPG/CNG injectors heating
  • Mazda generation v.4 filter – Mazda problems solved!
  • Advanced switch filter
  • Start directly on LPG/CNG option
  • Adjustable switch LED brightness and volume
  • Sequence visualization in real time
  • Self diagnostic and error codes memory
  • ECE R10.03, R67 and R110 certified

Extras for easy install and useful information


  There is no longer a need for cutting and splicing the OEM injector wires. Gratec new Plug & Play wire harness allows for the installer to simply unplug the OEM injector, plug in our injector clip then plug the OEM injector clip into our harness! This allows for us to gather the needed injector signal without the cutting and splicing! This will save you time, makes for a cleaner installation, allows for easy diagnostics and allows for easy removal if ever needed.  


 Our software for the gasoline system is a user friendly yet sophisticated software. This software has the ability to be as basic or as advanced as the installer wishes. As you can see the picture shows our new 3D graphing for advanced users. This new 3D graphing allows the advanced installer to customize the tune exactly how they wish. For beginning installers we have a simple no map process that will allow you to go through the autocalibration, enable the OBD corrections and then you are ready to go! For intermediate users you will drive to collect map on gasoline and CNG/LPG then the software will make adequate corrections.  


 Drilling and tapping the manifold is a thing of the past! Gratec’s injector adapters eliminate the need to drill and tap! Simply unbolt the injector rail, slide in the injector adapter and now you have a port to inject the CNG/LPG fuel! All necessary hardware is included! There are 3 different styles that account for 85% of the vehicles! Therefore the chance you get to use these is good! This saves time, makes for a cleaner installation and allows for easy removal if ever needed. 


 The sequential bi-fuel system wiring schematic is show in this picture. As you can see this is a simple, easy to install system that every mechanic can achieve. To refrain from cutting into the OEM wire harness please see our “Plug & Play” tab which will explain how we can prevent the need to splice into the injector wires. For any questions about this wire diagram please contact our technical support department. 

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